A Brief History of the Milkshake

At Hi Fi Kitchen & Cocktails, we’re reclaiming the lost heritage of the boozy milkshake. That’s right, milkshakes haven’t always been the family-friendly, Sunday afternoon treat — the humble milkshake first broke onto the scene in 1885 as a milky concoction made with whiskey. I can only imagine someone thinking “Y’know what would make this milk better? Whiskey.” And thus, the boozy milkshake began its incredible culinary journey.

Prohibition put a damper on things, and boozy milkshakes fell out of fashion (and legality.) It wasn’t until the 1930s, after the invention of the electric blender, that milkshakes as we typically know them would reemerge, like a sweet, sugary phoenix from the ashes of obscure pharmacy beverages. An ingenious fellow by the name of Ivar “Pop” Coulson, who worked at a Chicago Walgreens, decided to add vanilla ice cream to a malted milk drink, and the rest is history. By the 1950s, milkshakes were synonymous with burger joints, drive-ins, diners, and more.

Who doesn’t love a good milkshake? Lactose intolerant people, that’s who. But aside from them, Hi Fi Kitchen & Cocktails wants to honor the delicious tradition of the milkshake, and bring back the glory of its humble beginnings by adding a bunch of booze to it. That said, here are some of the delicious, ice-cold, creamy adult milkshakes you can indulge in at Hi Fi bar in Scottsdale!

Makin’ It Boozy

Whether you’re into vodka, crème de menthe, beer, rum, or whiskey, there is a delightfully boozy milkshake option for you at Hi Fi! Here are some of our crowd favorites, all of which come with a nice little cherry on top:

Oreo Cookie

For many people, the Oreo cookie is the undisputed king of the sandwich cookie world. Why not recreate it in a milkshake? We use Three Olives Vanilla vodka, 360 Double Chocolate vodka, real Oreo crumbles, and top it all with airy whipped cream, and blended with decadent vanilla soft serve ice cream. 

Milk Punch

This concoction is a direct nod to the original 19th-century milkshake, and it’ll punch your socks off. The Milk Punch takes Bulleit Bourbon, vanilla ice cream and cinnamon sugar, and blends them with vanilla soft serve, topping it all off with smooth, fluffy whipped cream and even more cinnamon sugar. They were really onto something in the 1880s, weren’t they?

Birthday Cake

Every day can be your birthday if you believe in yourself and order this milkshake. Once again using our delicious Three Olives Vanilla vodka, we add some rainbow sprinkles and actual cake mix, blend it with vanilla soft serve and bring it before you with a cascade of rainbow sprinkles on top and a mountain of whipped cream. Yeah, shawty. 

Funky Monkey

If you’re feeling a little funky, get yourself a Funky Monkey! This banana-tastic treat is created with Cruzan Banana rum, hazelnut liqueur and chocolate syrup, mixed with vanilla ice cream and topped with, what else, whipped cream and chocolate jimmies! 


There are two types of people in this world — those who like chocolate and mint, and those who are wrong. Our Grasshopper boozy milkshake is lovingly created with Three Olives Chocolate vodka, crème de menthe, Andes Candies, and blended with vanilla ice cream and topped with fluffy whipped cream. You have learned much, grasshopper.


This milkshake creation should send you mentally flying back to summers on the porch as a kid with an orange creamsicle dripping down your arm, without a care in the world. But with booze! Three Olives Orange vodka is mixed with Blue Moon Belgian ale, Tang powder, vanilla ice cream, and topped with plenty of sweet whipped cream. Wish they served this from the ice cream truck back in the day…

Apple Pie

Just like grandma used to drink! Er… make! Crown Royal Apple Whiskey and rumchata combine with graham cracker crumbles and vanilla ice cream to bring you this perfect boozy apple pie in a glass. It’ll make your Nana proud. 

Enjoy These Shakes and More at Hi Fi Bar in Scottsdale!

These are just a few of the milkshake options that are available at Hi Fi Kitchen & Cocktails, located right in the middle of Old Town Scottsdale! We’d like to invite you to come try one of these signature creations with your friends and loved ones, and having read this, you can astound them with your knowledge of the history of milkshakes! Everybody wins! See you soon at Hi Fi  my friends!