Your best friend is about to embark upon life’s ultimate journey; marriage. Before he, so-called, is permanently locked to that old ball and chain, it is your rightful duty to throw him one last soiree before the marriage is Facebook official. Planning a bachelor party in Scottsdale is not that simple, however, as there are many factors to consider. As the one planning the festivities, you have to determine the levels of appropriateness for your night (or weekend) out, what the budget is like, and most of all, what will be most appealing to the man of honor and his group of closest friends. 


Some fellas prefer going wild and out with a The Hangover-style night of adventures, while others enjoy a night in with cards, cigars, and toasts to the couple to be. Whichever road you head down, it is important to always keep the groom in mind. Extending upon that, we put together a few bachelor party tips that will help you with planning the ultimate bash that will send the groom into marriage the right way!

Set the date

Setting the date for a bachelor party is one of the essential tasks of the party planning process and is a detail that is never discussed early enough. It is essential to set a date that works with everyone’s schedule, most importantly the grooms. If the celebration requires travel or an airline ticket, it is best to decide on a date at least six months in advance to the date of the party. People’s schedules and calendars are busy and can quickly fill up, so the more time you allow the better the turnout will likely be. 

Know who will be in the squad

Look, size does matter when you are planning a bachelor party. Of course, we’re talking about group size here. The groom may invite friends from different eras of their life to the party – high school friends, college friends, coworkers, family, and even some of the bride’s family. If you are taking the lead with the planning, make sure to keep everyone in the loop. After that, keep everyone involved in the planning. While traditionally the best man is responsible for the planning, every situation is different. This will make the planning process much easier. 

Consider what everyone enjoys doing

As mentioned, when planning a bachelor party, it is vital to think about what the groom will enjoy, as well as what the guests enjoy. While it is important for the guest of honor to have a good time and enjoy themselves, you also want the other guests to have fun, too. Focus on choosing an activity, event, or experience that everyone in the group will enjoy doing. This could be going to a baseball game or heading into Old Town for some drinks. 

Be mindful of other budgets

It is crucial to be mindful of what others will be spending during the night or weekend. All the expenses of the party generally won’t fall on the best man planning the party, usually everyone invited chips in. That said, it is best to choose activities, experiences, and meals that everyone can afford. Not everyone can afford a round trip plane ticket or a weekend stay in a five-star hotel, so be cautious when planning. Ensure that everyone attending the party has enough money for what is in store. Once you have clearly established a budget, who’s paying what, and finalized the other financial details, you can move on with the planning.

Select a location

Once you have considered the date, the interests of others, and their budgets, you will be better equipped to choose the right bachelor party venue. Sometimes the groom will already have a place in mind, but oftentimes the location chosen for a party will be based on travel expenses and everyone’s ability to make it to said destination. Whether you are traveling to another city or another state it is essential to select a location that everyone is comfortable with and book it a few months in advance. 

When it comes to bachelor parties in Scottsdale, there are plenty of locations and venues to choose from for a night of fun. We don’t like to toot our own horn by any means, but we think we’ve got a leg up on all of the others, but we’ll get to this later. 

Choose Where and What To Do

These decisions will largely be affected by your budget. To establish what you are going to do and where, it is best to round up the troops and settle on what the majority of the group can commit to. Everyone should agree on a location that is suitable for everyone. For the ultimate organization, create an itinerary full of activities to do during the party from games to bars to visit while out. The itinerary can include where to stay, where to eat, and where to go out for an unforgettable night. If you have a rather large group, be sure to make reservations where appropriate. Many activities and restaurants will have a limited number of spaces available, especially in busier cities and during weekends. In order to be sure you can do certain activities and eat at certain places, it is important to make a reservation in advance so that your group can be properly accommodated

Leave Room For Unexpected Events

Like many things in life, not everything goes as expected. That means you should make room for things that could potentially go wrong and be ready to improvise. Who knows, you may find something great that you want to do that isn’t on your schedule. What happens if you stop by a bar on your night out and run into Jeff Goldblum?! You never know.. Life, uh, finds a way. Whatever the scenario, having the ability to be flexible with your plans while still sticking to your location and time-frame will help you more easily absorb the unexpected. 

With all that said, keep in mind that there is no set way to plan the ultimate bachelor party — just your ideas of a good time mixed with the desires and expectations of the guy you’re there to celebrate. However, following the tips above will put you on the right track to an unforgettable night or weekend.

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