Enjoy the Holiday Season With Hi Fi!

We know the holidays can be stressful. You probably have family coming into town from the far reaches of the country and you’re wondering just what in the heck you’re going to do with cousin Jimmy and aunt Nancy. I know! Take them out to Hi Fi Kitchen & Cocktails here in Scottsdale, AZ! We’ve got a kitchen full of all the munchies you could ever desire, mouth-watering salads that fill you up, and sandwiches packed so full of deliciousness that it’ll make a grown man weep tears of Christmas joy. Oh yeah, did we mention boozy milkshakes? We’ve got boozy milkshakes.

Wassailing We Go!

Although we can’t guarantee that any patrons or customers of Hi Fi Kitchen & Cocktails will spontaneously break out into Christmas carols, we can neither entirely rule out the possibility. Wassailing can also mean to drink in plenty with those you care about in a lively manner, and that is something that we can provide. Our drink menu has something for everyone during the holidays. Enjoy cocktails like the Crown Vanilla Float, complete with root beer and whipped cream, or perhaps something like the Wild Cucumber Mojito is more up your alley, made with cucumber, club soda, fresh lime, and muddled mint. We also have several of your favorite domestic and imported beers on tap, so if you’re a Bud Light fan or a connoisseur of local drafts from Four Peaks, we’ve got you covered. Oh yeah, and BOOZY MILKSHAKES. I feel like I really need to drive that point home.

Come Together To Cheer Your Team. 

Hi Fi Kitchen & Cocktails boasts over 30 huge high-definition TVs and several full-wall projectors. Bring your friends and family to our fine establishment so that you can enjoy the holiday season together while you curse the opposing team back to the depths from which they came. The important thing is that you support (read: yell at) your team together! ‘Tis the season and all that. It can be difficult to keep up with all of the sporting events going on while you have obligations to company, so why don’t you all come in to Hi Fi together in Scottsdale and just cut loose? 

Challenge Our Bartenders.

Now, we can’t guarantee that every bartender is well-versed in the more obscure holiday beverages from around the world, but at the very least, here are some conversation starters about the festive ways people imbibe during the holidays around the globe.


In most places around the world, this is simply called spiced, mulled wine, but venture ye further back to yon middle ages to Scandinavia, and you’d find glӧgg, a mixture of wine, sugar, honey, and spices. It’s basically a spiced wine with a bunch of other stuff thrown in, like sugar and brandy, and it’ll knock your Christmas stockings off. Good luck finding somebody that can make this drink. Did I mention we have milkshakes?

Cola de Mono

This Chilean boozy treat is sort of like a white russian, sort of like an iced latte, and sort of like egg nog. You heat up a bunch of milk, vanilla bean, sugar, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, ground coffee, let it simmer for a while, then top it off with rum or brandy. I dunno, sounds like an awful lot of work, but hey, when in Santiago…


Alright, I bet you could get a bartender to at least kinda’ fake this one. This is also sometimes referred to as “Cuban Eggnog.” This beloved Latin drink contains sweetened condensed milk, sugar, water, vanilla, and white rum, resulting in a creamy, spicy, rummy treat. Oftentimes the drink is finished off with some coconut ice cream. Gosh, that sounds an awful lot like a milkshake! WE HAVE MILKSHAKES!

Let Us Be Your Holiday Hangout.

We’ve had some fun here today, haven’t we? You learned what “wassailing” is, we talked about boozy concoctions from around the world, and I mentioned our delicious milkshakes too many times. Let Hi Fi Kitchen & Cocktails be your restaurant in Scottsdale this holiday season that you bring all of your loved ones to. We can’t wait to break into song with you (which, again, is not guaranteed.)