Hi Fi Old Town Scottsdale: The Pulse of the City

The Historic Old Town District of Scottsdale is a heck of a place. Hi Fi Kitchen & Cocktails loves being right in the middle of all of the energy that goes on here! No matter when you visit Old Town, if you’re local or just visiting, there is always something interesting to do, things to see, and most importantly, food and drink to enjoy! We’d love to give a little shout out to some of the coolest things to do around Old Town so that you can plan a memorable evening with your friends, family, or that special someone. Check out our current three favorite things to do, and then come to Hi Fi to end your evening with the best nightlife atmosphere, mouth-watering food, and incredible drinks! 

Classy Boutique Bowling

You should go bowling! 

“Bowling, you say? You mean stinky bowling shoes, questionable bowling balls, and the lingering odor of cigarette smoke from yesteryear? Go home Hi Fi, you’re drunk.”

It’s understandable that you might think that, but if you know about Skylanes, then you know we’re not talking about just any old bowling alley. This stuff is fancy. This is a boutique bowling club, complete with awesome mid-century modern decor and lush, atmospheric lighting. Imagine “Mad Men meets the Jetsons” and you’re probably getting close to the vibe. Grab a classy cocktail and an appetizer, then find a lane and drop those pins, baby! This is a great way to start out a fun evening in Old Town Scottsdale. 

Embracing the Spirit of the West

You may have noticed that it can get a bit toasty around Scottsdale. That’s because we live in what is called a “desert.” Embrace the dry heat of the American Southwest by taking in some knowledge about what made Scottsdale the city that it is today! Take an hour or so and lose yourself in the pages of the past at Western Spirit: Scottsdale’s Museum of the West! Show your appreciation for our wonderful, magical, and mysterious corner of the country by experiencing exhibits like Maynard Dixon’s American West, gorgeous oil paintings depicting the desolate beauty of Arizona and the Southwest, or The Abe Hays Family Spirit of the West Collection, featuring neat Western memorabilia like saddles, spurs, old timey sheriff’s badges, firearms, and more!

Luxurious Movie Night

If strenuous activities like “bowling” and “walking” aren’t your thing, don’t worry — Hi Fi has just the ticket for you. The movie ticket!


Who doesn’t love movies, right? We’re not just talking about any old movie theater with sticky floors and janky seats. Camelview at Fashion Square is a luxury theater, complete with reclining seats, a full bar, and an incredible snack bar. If you’re still going to old crusty theaters, you’re doing yourself a disservice. This is how the movie-watching experience is supposed to be! It’s an event, it’s something worth paying a little bit of money for, and you won’t be disappointed (in the theater, at least. We’re not so sure about your taste in movies though, so we make no promises). 

End Your Evening With Hi Fi Kitchen & Cocktails!

At the end of the day, what you really want is a place to kick back, eat some incredible food, enjoy creative cocktails and drinks, and just have some fun! That’s what we’re all about at Hi Fi Kitchen & Cocktails. Enjoy a fun day out there in Scottsdale, then come see us in the evening for a night to remember and tell us all about how you got a Turkey at Skylanes, what you learned at the museum, and how the latest Pixar movie made you cry burly, manly tears into your popcorn. See you tonight!